Vendor Program

Our vendor program is designed to help your sales team succeed. 

Financing Helps You Sell More

Our team provides financing that is simple, quick, and affordable and places a high value on providing the highest standard of customer service.  As an experienced, reliable team of financiers, we help municipal, nonprofit and commercial entities buy essential equipment or property it needs.

When your customers understand the flexibility of financing, opportunities for sales grow and closing rates increase. 

Let Republic First National help.

The advantages of all our financing programs include:

100% financing available
No down payment
Pay if off anytime
Ownership after final payment
Hassle-free credit process
100% Flexible terms

Our municipal and volunteer fire department clients also receive these benefits:

Lower tax-exempt interest rates
Hassle-free credit process
Up to 24 month delayed payments available

Lease Purchase Finance vs True Lease

Lease Purchase Financing is a useful alternative to issuing bonds, giving governing bodies the flexibility to equip departments faster with the tools needed to serve and protect its citizens.  To a governmental lessee, the difference between lease purchase financing and true leasing is who owns or will own the asset. In a lease purchase, the lessee acquires an ownership interest in the asset, obtaining title to the asset at the end of the lease term. In a true lease, the lessee acquires only the right to use the asset for a period of time, but no ownership of the asset. The term of a true lease is usually much shorter than the useful life of the asset, while a term of a lease purchase generally approximates its useful life. The term length differs because of what happens at the end of the term. With a true lease, the municipality typically relinquishes the asset but may purchase it at a price that reflects its residual or market value. With a lease purchase, the municipality retains the asset.

Our Core Values

Unyielding Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of honesty, and it is a privilege to serve our customers. We are devoted to telling the truth and holding ourselves to a high moral standard even when circumstances may be costly, inconvenient or embarrassing. We believe in making honorable choices that in turn serve our customers and our employees.

Infectious Enthusiasm

We love what we do! Our team strives to not only share our enthusiastic energy internally with one another but also externally with our customers and prospects. Our goal is to infuse every interaction with positivity. We enjoy what we do and want that to be made known.

Highly Responsive

Communication is paramount to customer satisfaction. We understand that each one of our customers is unique with different needs, emotions and expectations. We take pride in our ability to perceive and swiftly respond to the unique and changing needs of our customers. We are here to ensure you receive top class service in a timely matter.

Solution Oriented

We do more than solving problems. We help identify the source of challenges to provide the right, or better, way of doing things. Our practices are driven by our team to provide results and when we make a mistake, we take ownership, find a resolution, and learn from the lesson in order to avoid it in the future.

Continuous Growth

We want our employees to continually grow with us! We encourage our team to set goals and offer tools that will set them up for success. We offer our employees training classes, seminars, books, online classes, planners, and more. We value and encourage individuality and growth.

Family Friendly

We encourage our employees to take the time they need to recharge, rest, and rejuvenate. Taking care of health and nurturing relationships is an important part of being able to do one’s best work! We place a high value on our employees’ roles to play an active part in their family life from milestone events to everyday family dinners.

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