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Let us help you buy what you need now. There’s no question the pandemic has changed annual budgets. Financing equipment may be the best (or may be even the only) option if you’re facing budget constraints and still have the need to purchase new vehicles or equipment. Below are some tips and strategies that will help you during this time on your next equipment purchase. 

Request a quote from us. By requesting a quote from us you are able to see how lease purchase financing can be a financial solution to any funding gaps you may have or anticipate.

Utilize our estimator tool.  You can access our estimate tool any time of day or night.  Our estimator allows you to have instant numbers to present during meetings.

We offer a lot of flexibility in structuring finance plans.  If you’re in the market to purchase new equipment there are structuring options available that will help to alleviate financial challenges. Here is a list of those options:

  • Delay the first payment 12-15 months (depending on delivery).
  • Step payment plans – lower the payment for the first few years, then increase payments.  This structure is commonly used by those who have existing debt.  It allows for purchasing of the needed equipment now with lower payments the first few years while the older debt is being paid in full.
  • Longer term financing from 7-15 years

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