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Helping You Get The Equipment Your Department Needs Now!

Purchase the apparatus, emergency vehicle or gear your team needs with lease purchase financing.  With lease purchase financing you do not have to make budgetary compromises, get in the equipment you need, now!

You can save money while providing safe equipment to your members to protect your community.  Here are five common mistakes Fire Departments make:

  1. Saving cash up in order to purchase new equipment.  With the cost of equipment going up 3%-5% a year, it’s more cost effective to buy now and finance.
  2. Band-aiding/repairing apparatus when money from the maintenance fund can be used to pay for new apparatus. With newer equipment, the maintenance fund will have more money available as repairs should not be needed as often.
  3. Not looking into financing for other types of equipment. Not only can fire apparatus be financed, but ambulances, chief’s vehicles, SCBAs, rescue tools, turnout gear and stations can be financed too.
  4. Not obtaining credit approval early in the buying process. By obtaining credit approval the department has a good idea on how much it can afford.  It also expedites the financing process if the department decides to utilize a 100% prepay option.
  5. Not having an equipment replacement plan.   Most departments are aware they need to buy new apparatus and equipment in the future but aren’t sure how. By utilizing financing it allows the department to begin a comprehensive replacement plan within a budget it can afford

Let us help you avoid making costly mistakes.  Our Financial Experts are here to help with any questions you may have.

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What Is Lease Purchase Financing

Learn more about how lease purchase financing works as an effective tool for dealers and departments to put more equipment in the hands of those who need it most.

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