Buying and Financing Today Will Save You Money

Are you waiting to purchase a vehicle or equipment?  Buying and financing today will actually save you money in real time.  Since Covid, vehicle and equipment costs have been increasing at approximately 10% per year.  Interest rates are steadily increasing, and we are expecting another rate increase mid-March. 

With interest rates increasing and the cost of equipment going up approximately 10% a year, it’s more cost effective to buy now and finance.

Many believe band-aiding or repairing your current vehicle will save you money, but you will not only spend money on repairs but in the long run still need to replace the vehicle.  New vehicles have warranties, so maintenance costs should decrease.  The money allocated for maintenance can then be allocated towards a vehicle payment.  Check out this infographic to see how buying now versus later can help you save.

Most customers are aware they need to buy new vehicles and equipment, but aren’t sure how they can afford it.   By utilizing financing, it allows the customer to begin a comprehensive replacement plan within a budget it can afford.

We finance a wide array of vehicles and equipment.  Lock in at today’s rates to beat future rate increases!  Request a Free Consultation today!

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