About Republic First National

Since 2000, Republic First National has offered cost-effective municipal and commercial finance solutions that promote productivity, efficiency, and profitability. A passionate team of financial experts, Republic First National couples market expertise with unparalleled customer service to ensure buyers feel confident at every turn.

Our Mission

“We are a national finance solutions company helping overwhelmed customers buy the vehicles and equipment they need. We understand the cash flow of municipalities, nonprofits and for-profit businesses alike so that they can maintain essential services, save lives or increase profitability making a difference in their communities.”

Our Vision

To be the trusted leader in financial solutions, powering communities and businesses with the vehicles and equipment essential to enriching lives, driving progress, and building a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

Core Values

Result Oriented

We are defined by outcomes, not efforts. Excellence is not just a word; it is quantified by our tangible achievements. We believe to settle for mediocrity is to betray our potential. In pursuit of greatness, we constantly challenge our own limits.


Our team moves as one cohesive unit toward a singular vision. Individual agendas have no place here; our shared goals dictate our actions. Every step we take is in harmony with our mission’s direction. Divergence from our mission is a deviation from our identity.


Consistency and dependability are non-negotiable traits we embody. When we make a promise, we stand by it, ensuring every commitment is met with precision. Trust in our dedication is paramount for our customers. They know that in a world of uncertainty, we remain their steadfast beacon.


Clear, open communication is the cornerstone of our operations. We avoid the shadows, ensuring every action is taken with clarity and purpose. Our commitment to transparency ensures that our customers always have insight into our actions. This open-book approach solidifies the bonds of trust we cultivate.

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